House Bolting & Foundation West Covina, CA

House Bolting & Foundation West Covina, CA


House bolting can be described as a seatbelt for your West Covina property in California. The up-and-down movement of an earthquake can shake an unbolted property off its foundation. Bolting your property is the process of securing the house to its foundation. Our licensed contractors can do just that for you. It is the greatest step you can take to avoid earthquake damage. Retrofitting homes has been our specialty for over 20 years and we have made several homes safer in West Covina and its nearby areas. We use the device for the purpose of increased safety, efficiency or energy conservation.

Home foundation repair (house bolting) specialists at Contractors West Covina are the licensed contractors who are able to fix any bolting and foundation repair problems that you may have. Our retrofitting company is the premier residential and commercial seismic retrofitting company you can trust.

Contractors West Covina has general contractors that specializes in foundation bolting and also the bracing of cripple walls (short stud walls between the ground and foundation of some houses) by exploitation structural-grade plywood which, if needed, provides bigger resistance to earthquakes. These steps, in conjunction with properly fastening the ground system down with approved framing anchors, can make your home safe. We provide free estimations for house bolting and foundation repair projects. Contract us to request a free estimation for your home improvement, home renovation and house bolting project in West Covina, CA.

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The following are some retrofitting services we are providing but not limited to:

House Bolting

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation Repair

Commercial Retrofitting

Foundation Replacement

Drainage Solutions

Slab Settlement & Crack Repair

Caissons Foundation

Waterproofing Solutions

Retaining Wall Installation

Hillside Retrofitting

Foundation Underpinning Retrofit

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